The Blue Ribbon (TBR) Global project is the first character-building training offered by DL2GO. It consists of three initiatives designed to advocate and cultivate peace in the community by engaging DL2GO’s clients with other local and global community members and biodiversity via:

  1. Peace Ambassadors Workshop
  2. Peace Service for the Community
  3. Peace Service for the Environment.

Peace Ambassadors (PAW)

Peace Ambassadors’ training runs active and experiential learning on peace value for community building using head, heart and hands (3Hs).

Those who are committed to spread peace among their community members and hence their nation/s are invited to attend PA’s Training of Trainers. Its training content adopts twelve peace lessons that were developed by Peace Generation (PG), Indonesia.

  • Accepting Myself
  • Positive Stereotyping
  • Diversity – Ethnicity
  • Diversity – Religion
  • Diversity – Gender
  • Diversity – Individual Needs
  • Inclusivity in Groupings
  • The Beauty of Diversity
  • Understanding Conflict
  • Rejecting Violence
  • Admitting Mistakes
  • Forgiveness

PAW’s training customizes its workshops for youngsters and adults, such as grassroots leaders and senior managers.

Peace Service for the Community (PSC)

This initiative organizes community services through community development projects that are set-up by the Blue Ribbon or other likeminded bodies. The services are conceptualized based on the needs of underprivileged or underserved community members. This Blue Ribbon initiative is unique as it is designed to intentionally bring diversified community members together during the community service. Such program facilitates deeper engagement which are needed for effective social integration.

Peace Service for the Environment (PSE)

Maintaining our biodiversity throughout sustainable development is essential for healthy living. This Blue Ribbon initiative creates awareness on maintaining a ‘peaceful or balance life’ with other living creatures and creation. The organization also organizes voluntary work at various eco-tourism spots as part of its peace for the environment service.